Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer


  • 510 threading
  • Fast heat up time
  • LED light features
  • 900mAh battery

What is included with the V-pen?

  • 1x battery charger
  • 2x oil cans
  • 1x mouthpiece
  • 1x oil cartridge
  • 1x maintenance tool


Winner of the 2012 Kush Expo Vape Pen award this is thev Synergy Vape Pen. The Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer is an advanced pocket-sized unit that’s capable of vaporizing your favorite oils with ease. It’s compact and lightweight design make it perfect for any vaporist on the go. By utilizing a small and discreet body, you can use the Synergy V-Pen almost anywhere without bringing attention to yourself. It’s perfect for anyone that wants to vaporize their favorite oils or waxes with efficiency. The unit also features a clear display that shows how much oil is left in the cartridge. Each unit includes two oil cans, one maintenance tool, one battery charger and one mouthpiece.