Vape-or-smoke Vaporizer

The Vape-or-Smoke is a portable, discreet vaporizer. With the diffuser screen installed and a low flame setting, vaporizing is a breeze. There are no cords or expensive batteries to replace making it ultra-portable. Just fill with butane and you are ready to go!

Instead of burning tobacco or herbs and inhaling the toxic fumes, vaporizing heats the material in a controlled manner. Only the active compounds in the plant become vapor. Harmful effects of smoking are practically eliminated.

The Vape-or-Smoke works by passing heated air through the tobacco. The flame from the butane lighter heats the air that enters the bowl but does not penetrate the holes in the bowl. When inhaling through the mouthpiece, hot air passes through the holes in the bowl where it heats the tobacco hot enough to create a vapor.

The self contained jet butane torch heats the air instantly. The Vape-or-Smoke is a hot air vaporizer (convection) with a bowl designed to keep the flame out to give you maximum control!