C-Rig Vaporizer

C-Rig by CVape is the Hottest Personal Portable Concentrate Vaporizer. In this ever expanding and always progressing world of vaporizers and portable vaporizers, CVape has hit a new milestone for the personal portable vaporizer industry with it’s new C-Rig Concentrate Vaporizer. While this unit is a concentrate only and is not meant for vaporizing Herbs, C-Rig is the best by multiple times over any other concentrate vaporizer. C-Rig Concentrate Vaporizer is PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. C-Rig units have hand blown glass domes and mouthpieces, use ceramic heating compartments, use the latest in Battery technology and use mini USB chargers. C-Rig improvements on the “Pen” style concentrate vaporizers out there today put the current vaporizers to shame. The C-Rig heating coil is practically indestructible, the batteries last much longer, the output of the C-Rig equals that of multiple of it’s competitors combined. No more baby vaps, C-Rig provides big clouds in a personal portable vaporizer equal to or better then a Titanium nail, but C-Rig does this with the control of pressing a button.