VaporBlunt Vaporizer

One of the smallest convection heat vaporizers on the market.

  • One button operation
  • Two heat settings (1st setting 370, 2nd is 390F)
  • Pocket friendly only 6in long and 1in in diameter
  • Water tool optional
  • Durable design
  • Body made from high impact plastic
  • Completely portable
  • 50 minute battery life
  • One year warranty from date of purchase


The future of portable vaporizing technology continues to evolve in the secret Vaporblunt labs. Our newest addition to the market is the Pinnacle, a portable LI-ION powered device that is beautiful in its simplicity and efficiency. The Pinnacle employes the same one button easy on/off as the OG VB, however that is where the similarities stop.

Measuring in at a very sleek and pocket friendly 5″ long and 1″ diameter, The Pinnacle easily fits in pockets (even those guys still wearing girls jeans) and gym bags. Please do not let the stealthiness of The Pinnacle fool you, this thing packs a punch wether you choose to use traditionally or with the equally stealthy 14mm compatible Micro Water Tool measuring a dainty 4.5″ long with a 25mm diameter.